Helping you

Helping You

Letting Go

We think aproximately 70,000 thoughts a day and at least 75% of them are the same ones as the day before..... and the day before that. We tend of have a theme of thoughts that stick around, maybe from even as far back as childhood. You might consider these your beliefs, which are still only thoughts, but they feel like beliefs because they have been around for a long time. Positive thoughts are helpful, however it is the negative ones that can cause difficulties.

I can help you learn to let go of negative, anxious thoughts and teach you how to challenge the ones that feel trickier, so that you are able have a more balanced mindset and life. Learning these techniques means that after therapy you can go forth as your own therapist and use these techniques whenever you need them.

Therapy is not a magical cure, but what it is, is an opportunity to assess what is working and what is not working and to try something new, a different way.

Helping You

Life Pressures

We live in a time of extreme information overload, and this can feel like there are things we should and must be doing. In addition, we are subjected to various media outlets showing us how well others are doing in their wonderful lives, which, of course are only snapshots...... of their choosing!

This can all put pressure on us and at times make us feel anxious and inadequate. I can help you can learn new ways to think and behave that makes life feel easier and more in alignment with the person you want to be.



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Low Self-esteem


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Helping You

The Sessions

This may feel like an unknown for some.... so here's what it looks like; simply to attend each session with an air of curiosity, an open mind and a willingness to try something new, both within the sessions and between sessions.

It is not unusual to have more than one mental health issue, for instance anxiety may be coupled with depression, and this is perfectly normal.

Just remember you are unique and you are not made to fit neatly into a one box! You may, however, feel there is a prominent issue and often when one issue is treated, it has a ripple out effect on other issues, or simply on life.