I am a qualified and accredited cognitive behavioural therapist and a certified breathing coach. I have a wealth of experience working in the mental health sector within different settings, giving me greater insight into people and their issues.

Throughout most of my career I have worked in people centred roles. When I have worked in alternative sectors, I have naturally found myself veering back to the therapeutic role.

I understand first hand how the pressures of life can feel overwhelming and how it can be hard to know where to start to unravel the issues. I am skilled and passionate about helping people overcome whatever issues are causing distress and to assist them in having some understanding of what started the problem, but most importantly learning how to make changes.

It is always a privilege for me that clients feel comfortable enough to tell me about their lives and experiences. And each client adds a new dimension to my ability to understand people and their problems, for which I am most grateful.


Life's Ups & Downs

My own life ups and downs have meant that at times I have become entwined in my own spiral of anxious and negative thoughts, so I know just how difficult this feels. I have learnt what works from personal experience and through my extensive training and this has given me lots of techniques and tools that I continue to use to ensure my own equilibrium.... and it is these techniques and tools that I would love to be able to pass on to anyone that needs them.

I believe in the power of a still mind and practice meditation daily and this is what I personally find really helpful. There has been much research on meditation and how it can encourage relaxation-related brain waves, such as alpha and theta. When practiced regularly it can improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and depression, lower stress levels and enhance brain function.